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Preparing for your Class

Prepare for your Class

Just bring a water bottle (water fountain available in our studio), your favourite workout clothes and socks; leave the rest to us. We sure love a fuss-free workout!

We’ll provide you with your shoes as only cycling shoes are compatible with our bikes. If you’re looking to bring your own pair, your cleats should be SPD-SL-compatible!

What else do we provide? Workout towels, shower towels, lockers, and a water fountain are also available for use. If you prefer, we also have bottled water, coconut water and bottled juices for sale to meet your hydration needs!

Show Up and Ride

We know trying out a new workout or visiting a new studio can sometimes be intimidating. Here, we aim to welcome our new friends as best we can!

A calm state of mind, a comfortable shoe fit and the perfect bike set up are the cornerstones to starting your first workout with us well! For first timers, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early so our team can help you prepare for your ride to their best abilities – this means helping you find the perfect shoe size, set your bike up, and clip your shoes in.

Comfort during your ride is a priority for us — feel free to request for a gel saddle pad from our friendly front desk team for that extra cushioning under your bum! 

We then ride to get lost in the music and get seriously sweaty.


Show Up and Ride
Rock On

Hit the Road

Feel free grab our bath towels and use our shower facilities. Treat yourself to Dyson hair dryers and shampoo, conditioner and body wash products from Omno, a homegrown sustainable brand that we’re simply in love with! 

Congratulations, you’ve completed your first ride with us!


You can choose to join the waitlists if your desired classes are full. You will then be notified by email when a spot has opened up and your bike spot has been secured.


Class cancellations must be done by 9:00pm the night before your scheduled class. Late cancellation will result in you losing your class credits. 

Schedule Release

Class schedule for the week will be released one week prior, on a Monday at 9:00am. For instance, class schedule for Monday, 8 February to Sunday, 14 February will be released on Monday, 1 February.

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